Premiership Grand Final

West Coast Eagles fans warned on cheap AFL grand final airfares

Eagles fans mesmerised by the emphatic win over Richmond on Sunday need to exercise caution in snapping up cheap airfares that start at around $284 to the Grand Final.

That is the advice from George Michalczyk, chief executive of Motive Travel, which has been arranging Grand Final packages for 40 years.

“Fans should buy now but be wary of the conditions on the cheaper fares.”

These sales fares come with restrictions on passenger name and date, said Mr Michalczyk.

Fans also need to assess if they can get a Grand Final ticket at the “right” price warns Mr Michalczyk.

Motive Travel invites fans to fill out a questionnaire of their needs and then it will respond with a quote.

Yesterday at 10am the cheapest one way fare online was with Tigerair for $284.95, followed by $365.36 with Virgin Australia via Sydney, $409 with Jetstar and $429 with Qantas.

Prices earlier in the week are much cheaper at $189.95 on Tuesday with Tigerair and just $239 with Qantas.

Frequent Flyer flights are also available with Qantas on the Tuesday.

In previous years, airlines have also added flights in the Grand Final week to try and meet demand and prices may dip as those flights are put into the system suggest Mr Michalczyk.

Also quite a number of local travel agents set up charters with Qantas and Virgin Australia using idle FIFO jets

When the Dockers made the Grand Final in 2013 almost 90 aircraft were used to transport fans to the match on the Thursday and Friday.

Two years later when the Eagles fronted Hawthorn one-way fares were as high as $1100.

According to Luke Chittock from Amity Travel there are still good numbers of seats available at the $429 one way fare level to Melbourne on Friday September 28 with Qantas.

“There are 300 seats at that price available on that day” said Mr Chittock.

Qantas has four A330 flights and one snaller 737 flight to Melbourne on Friday September 28.

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